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The keyboard is one of two primary forms of inputting commands to even the best desktop PC. It's used for typing up words, commands, and even playing games. With the advancement of mechanical switches and other premium features, the price of keyboards has soared. It's still possible to buy one without spending too much money, but if you do seek a premium keyboard and want to save in the process, we'll be updating a shortlist of only the best keyboard deals right here.

Best keyboard deals

ROCCAT Vulcan 121
Source: ROCCAT
ROCCAT Vulcan 121
$70 $120 Save $50

The $70 ROCCAT Vulcan 121 has full-size mechanical switches and thin keycaps to show as much lighting as possible. The full QWERTY layout is complimented by a control knob and some media controls, making this a good buy for gamers who enjoy listening to music.

Redragon K636CLO
Source: Redragon
Redragon K636CLO
$36 $45 Save $9

Redragon's K636CLO is on sale right now for just $36! It's a mechanical keyboard with 94 programmable keys, Numeric Pad, red switches, and a compact design with RGB lighting.

Gamakay LK67
Source: Gamakay
Gamakay LK67 RGB
$60 $80 Save $20

Modular keyboards such as this usually go for $100 at least, so to see this LK67 from Gamakay on sale is a great buy for those wanting to create their own.

Meetion DirectorC
Source: Meetion
MEETION Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
$56 $70 Save $14

Save your wrists from fatigue with this Meetion ergonomic wireless mouse and keyboard set. It's on sale for $63 and will be able to keep you working away for hours between charges.


Q: How to tell if it's a good keyboard deal?

When shopping around, we highly recommend using browser extensions and websites such as CamelCamelCamel. Using these tools will show the price history of a product and help you determine whether the current discount is good enough to make the purchase.

Q: When do the best keyboard deals take place?

There are keyboard deals taking place throughout the year, but when do the very best discounts go live? This all depends on the manufacturer and retailer. Online stores such as Amazon and Newegg often discount keyboards during sales events like Black Friday, but you can find deals on some throughout the year. Amazon and Newegg tend to have the best keyboard deals.