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Samsung has become the premier Android manufacturer, with an attention to detail and a desire to improve every generation. Whether it’s pushing the latest foldable phones or making traditional flagships like the flagship Galaxy S23 Ultra, you can be sure every ounce of engineering knowledge is going into the devices it sells.

The tricky part isn’t figuring out which of the phones is best, but choosing from among the best phones. See, with so many smartphones from the foldables, flagship, and affordable ranges, it can be difficult to figure out which one fits your needs. That decision can be helped by the wide range of discounts that are on offer at any one time. You can save hundreds on your next Galaxy device and get a powerful smartphone and some cash in your pocket at the end of the day.

Best Samsung Galaxy Deals

While you can get some great deals on second-hand or refurbished Galaxy devices, we're focusing on current-gen or prior devices in new condition. It's just easier that way, with you getting a limited warranty straight from Samsung in the event something goes wrong. Smartphone chips, especially at the flagship level, have come with plenty of power over the last few generations, so even earlier Galaxy S smartphones are a joy to use. Discounts, gifts, and pricing change constantly, so we recommend keeping an eye on this list as we'll be updating it over time with the latest current deals.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in Burgundy with the S Pen
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
$1000 $1400 Save $400

The Galaxy S22 Ultra might be a couple of years old now, but it's still one of the most capable phablet devices, with an integrated S Pen and plenty of power. Save over $400 on the 512GB storage tier at Samsung but this deal won't last long.

New Project-17
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 only recently launched, and it's already on sale for $200 less at Amazon and Best Buy. That's just over 20% off the retail price of the 256GB storage option, making this a great deal on a great foldable.

Galaxy Z Fold 5 render
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Samsung has the Z Fold 5 with a doubling of storage for free on some colors, so you get 512GB of storage for $1,800. Or if you prefer to save some cash, Best Buy has $300 off the base model, making it $1,500.

Samsung Galaxy S23
Samsung Galaxy S23

The Galaxy S23 has great cameras, a great processor, and is $200 off at Samsung right now. That's 25% off, for a smartphone that hasn't been on the market for that long.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in green with transparent background showing front and back of the phone with S Pen stylus
Source: Samsung 
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is one of the best phones on the market, packing an all-new 200MP sensor, a refined design, and a custom Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy chipset. Get the storage doubled to 512GB for free when buying directly from Samsung.

Samsung A54 5G in black with transparent background, showing front and partial back panel
Source: Samsung 
Samsung Galaxy A54 5G
$375 $450 Save $75

Save $175 off the midrange Galaxy A54 5G, and get the fastest cellular connectivity for a great low price. It has great cameras and battery life and is secured by Samsung Knox.

A render of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in black color.
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
$570 $600 Save $30

The Galaxy S21 FE is still a stylish, powerful handset even two years after its launch, and you can save up to $100 off MSRP fully unlocked from Amazon right now.


Q: When can you get the best savings on Galaxy phones?

Surprisingly, some of the best times to buy a new Galaxy phone are before they even hit retail stores. That's because Samsung Galaxy devices lately have been coming with flat discounts of a set dollar amount, free upgrades like doubling storage space, and free goodies that could be earbuds or even gift certificates during the pre-order period. The other reason is that the soon-to-be-last-gen devices get put on deep discounts about a month out from the latest release, so that retailers can clear inventory space for the incoming devices. This can also follow through til after release, where discounts will get steeper to clear shelves even faster.

Q: Where can you get the best savings?

Samsung is somewhat unique in that it offers discounts and pre-order benefits directly from its official website. Other large retailers often have similar deals to match, so checking Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, and similarly-sized stores is worth doing. And even though the days of smartphones being given away with cellular service plans are over, the carriers will also have offers that are worth checking out.

Q: Q: How can you tell if it’s a good deal?

We're always tracking pricing and deals across the internet, so we regularly see discounts of $50 or more on Galaxy handsets. Anything more than that is a hefty discount, especially on a flagship device, and is worth considering. To check if the discount you're seeing is a deal, you can use one of the same tools that we use daily. Those include the Keepa extension, which puts a price tracking graph under Amazon listings, or tools like CamelCamelCamel,, and TechBargains, all of which have been around for a while. It's also worth checking other retailers even if you see a deep discount at one outlet, as they all compete on pricing and sometimes you can find an even better price elsewhere.