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Microsoft's web-based One Outlook client, which has been rumored for over a year, has leaked online, and it's actually allowing some users to try it out now. The app has been known to be in the works for a while now, and while the client itself has been available in the past, only internal Microsoft accounts were able to sign in before. Right now, you'll still need a work or school account to use it, so a personal Microsoft account won't work, but it's one step closer to general availability.

In line with what we've heard so far, this new app is almost identical to using the Outlook website on your browser, but there are some noteworthy differences that make this feel more natural as a proper app. Perhaps most importantly, this app lets you change the look of the ribbon at the top of your mailbox. You can choose between the more modern simplified ribbon that's enabled by default, or a classic ribbon that's more in line with the classic Outlook desktop app. You can also switch to a toolbar that's exactly like the website.

Another difference is that, when using either the simplified or classic ribbons, the New message button has a dropdown menu so you can also create a new event or a new group. The regular web version only lets you create a new email message from this button and there's no dropdown menu.

Finally, the app integrates the window controls (minimize, restore, and close) into the toolbar at the top of the webpage, so it all feels pretty seamless. If you open the app next to the Outlook website, you can tell it's the same thing, but when you look at the app by itself, it just feels like an app.

One thing this app still doesn't seem to support is adding multiple accounts, though that should arrive sooner rather than later. In fact, the window controls mentioned above take the place of the account switcher on the website. It's a fairly crucial feature for email management, and the current mail app for Windows 11 - as well as the classic Outlook desktop app - supports it. Hopefully, that's something that will be possible once the app is officially available to try.

Earlier this year, we heard that Microsoft was aiming to test the new One Outlook app with Insiders by late April, but that has yet to happen. A good time for it to be released would be in line with Build - Microsoft's developer event that's set to begin on May 24th. For now, if you have a work or school account that uses Outlook, you can download the app here and try it out.

Source: Temmie (Telegram)

Via: Windows Central