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Microsoft is starting to roll out support for third-party accounts in the new Outlook app for Windows, with Gmail accounts being first in line. With an update currently rolling out to those testing the new Outlook experience, it's now possible to add Gmail accounts in addition to Outlook/Hotmail accounts to the app, making it easier to manage all your emails in one place.

The new experience is better than the support for Gmail accounts in the old Outlook app, too, according to Microsoft. In addition to email, the new Outlook app can now also access your Gmail calendar and contacts, so you get the full suite of features right inside the app, reducing the need to visit the Gmail website for almost anything. Microsoft is still working on adding accounts from other services, such as Yahoo, but Gmail is easily the most popular, so this addition alone should make a big difference.

Screenshot of the Outlook app for Windows after adding a Gmail account

Beyond adding support for Gmail accounts, Microsoft has been working on a handful of other improvements, too. For starters, Outlook now features Microsoft Editor integration to provide spelling corrections and auto-complete suggestions while composing your emails. You can also now pin important emails to the top of your inbox, and delay the delivery of an email by 10 seconds, giving you the option to undo sending the email in case you notice a last-minute error. Additionally, work and school accounts can now send polls in emails, and it's also possible to join Skype or Teams meetings directly from the app.

Microsoft has also added package tracking for any package numbers you receive in emails, and you can now search for emails in folders to find what you're looking for. Outlook will also remind you to reply to important emails. The calendar experience has also seen some improvements, with support for multiple shared calendars, multiple time zones, and a daily weather view.

Screenshot of the new design for the calendar view in Outlook for Windows

Looking ahead, Microsoft also laid out some more features that are in the works. In addition to support for Yahoo, iCloud, and other IMAP accounts, Microsoft says it's working on some visual updates and improved personalization so you can make the app your own. The calendar experience is also getting a revamp with "bolder colors" and improved readability. Offline support and support for ICS calendar files is also still in the works.

For now, support for third-party accounts should be on the way to your PC soon, though you may not see it right away.

Source: Microsoft