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Jules joined the XDA-Developers team in 2023, covering news and contributing features about ChromeOS. He also contributes to our sister sites Android Police and Pocket-lint. He's a big fan of the big picture in technology and the impacts on people navigating through its changes. 

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A stillframe from Minecraft's YouTube video announcing official availability for Chromebooks. 1
Can I play Minecraft on a Chromebook? Which editions work?

In this article we discuss the available options for playing Minecraft on a Chromebook or other Chrome OS device.

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Mojang's Minecraft is the quintessential example of a game that is greater than the sum of its parts. It's not just about mining and crafting, but about exploring and building a world as you see fit. But before you get to all the creativity, the adventuring, and the friends you'll make along the way (we're serious here), you have to install the game. If you own a Chromebook, here's how to do just that.

The HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook laid on top of printed documents. 1
How to add and use a printer on a Chromebook

If you have to have it on paper, we'll show you how to navigate ChromeOS to make that happen.


Sometimes, you just gotta have it on paper. From sign-up sheets to important contracts, there's always a time to bust out the printer and scanner. But how do you get your document from here to there using your Chromebook? We'll show you how.

chromebook-gaming-guide-xda 1
Complete guide to gaming on Chromebooks

Yes, you can game on a Chromebook and we've got some know-how to share with you so you can get started.


So, of all the laptops you could have bought, you've chosen a Chromebook. And you want to play games on it. That's a bold decision considering they're not exactly known for gaming. You have to be prepared to face some challenges.

The Inputs and Keyboards settings in ChromeOS. 1
How to change the keyboard language on a Chromebook

If you're one of the many multilingual users looking to code switch on ChromeOS, we've got the guide for you.


Whether you've grown up in a multilingual environment or are eagerly pouncing your way through lessons to become a polyglot, there's a good chance you want to be able to communicate with people by text in the languages you know. While we don't teach lessons on using input methods, we can tell you how to switch between input methods if you own a great Chromebook.

chromebook-accessibility-xda 1
Complete guide to accessibility on Chromebooks

If you need a little extra help getting around the web and apps with ChromeOS, we'll help you get it.


For many people, there is no getting around computing as a vital part of 21st-century life. That said, devices such as Chromebooks can be more difficult to navigate by default for those who have a disability, whether they're visually impaired, are hard of hearing, or lack fine motor skills. The good news is that there are accessibility features in ChromeOS that can cut down on that hardship.

_J2W8740 1
The most important tips for Windows users moving to Chromebooks

Getting used to ChromeOS? We've got some tricks and advice to keep in mind.


Everyone comes into their personal computing situations in different ways. For me, a lifelong Windows user with a powerful primary laptop that needed a lightweight and quick secondary laptop, I gravitated toward a Chromebook. But whether you're a seasoned veteran of this platform or the other and you've brought a Chromebook into your life, you might be looking for ways to tailor the experience to your needs and habits — we've got some tips for that.

how-to-use-phone-hub-chromeos-xda 1
How to use Phone Hub on Chromebooks

If you're on the go with a Chromebook and an Android phone, here's how you can make them work better together!


When it comes to the technology in our lives, we've spread ourselves out quite thin — a lot of us have more than one TV, gaming console, phone, or even computer in our lives. There have been some efforts to incorporate continuity between some experiences, though. One such effort for those with a great Chromebook and an Android phone is Phone Hub.

A person holding a Galaxy S23 with Google's Password Manager page open on its display. 1
Google Password Manager plays catch-up with sorely-needed new features

Imports, biometric authentication, notes, where have they been?


If you use Chrome as your web browser, the temptation is strong also to take advantage of the free Google Password Manager to store and autofill your credentials across the internet. Today, it's announcing a few quality-of-life improvements that will make it more compelling to use than competing services.

The HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook on a desk 1
How to turn on hyper-threading on a Chromebook to boost performance

What's hyper-threading? Which Chromebooks can take advantage of it? We've got answers.


ChromeOS is simple to use yet extremely versatile if you know how to get around, and that's exactly why we think some of the best laptops on the market run the platform. And if you've paid for one of the more powerful Chromebooks available, you might be missing out on a neat feature that's on most PCs: hyper-threading. We'll explain here what that is, whether you'll benefit from it, and how to turn it on.

asus-chromebook-flip-cx5_cx5501_exceptional-gaming-experiences 1
The Nvidia GeForce RTX 4050 could be coming to Chromebooks this year

At least two upcoming laptops look to sport a discrete GPU, which would be a first for a Chromebook and great news for gaming on ChromeOS.


ChromeOS continues to grow into something Google probably didn't imagine it would become — that's to the benefit of all Chromebooks not to mention the best ones. The company began pushing a gaming angle over the past couple of years with streaming being promoted as the main avenue for some "gaming Chromebooks" that looked the part. But we're now learning that a long-term effort to bring Nvidia RTX GPUs to the platform could yield fruit relatively soon.