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The best Chromebooks can be really efficient for web browsing, running great Android apps from the Google Play Store, and even sideloading Android apps. Yet one thing that ChromeOS struggles with compared to Windows 11 and macOS is playing music and MP3 files. While most people tend to stream music these days through services like Spotify or YouTube music, those who still download MP3s might be let down by the way ChromeOS treats these files.

Sometimes, MP3 files in the audio player in ChromeOS might lack album art or metadata. The OS doesn't make it easy to add this missing information, either. If you want to add this information to your MP3 file, you'll have to upload the MP3 track to a specific website, add the information, and then delete the original file.

How to add album art/metadata to a track in ChromeOS

To add album art or metadata to a track in ChromeOS, you're going to need to visit a third-party website and upload your track there. In this case, we're using MP3 ID3 Tag Editor. It's one of the best tag editors we can find online. After you upload the track, add the information, and download the file, you can delete the original and use the new one in its place.

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Navigate to MP3 ID3 Tag Editor.
  3. Select Choose Files to open the Files App and upload the MP3s you want to add album art or metadata to.
    Uploading a MP3 file to a MP3 editior website
  4. As an alternative, you can choose to Select files from Google Drive or Select from Dropbox should your files be stored on the cloud.
  5. Click Read Tag Information.
  6. If there's no information filled out, you can begin by filling out the various fields for title, artist, composer, and more.
    Filling out metadata on a Mp3 Editor website
  7. To upload an Album Cover, choose Choose File and open the Files App, then navigate to the Album Art location.
  8. Click the Save Files button.
  9. Click Save Tags.
  10. Click Save to Computer or Save to Google Drive to download and save the edited MP3 File.
  11. You can now delete the original MP3 file without the album art or metadata.

Now, the next time you play your MP3 File in the ChromeOS music player, you should now have better visuals. Album art can dress up your music player and make things look so much nicer, and the metadata helps make finding out information about your favorite songs even easier.