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Microsoft Teams is one of the more popular collaboration apps in use in many schools and workplaces across the world. So, if you have a new Chromebook or a great ChromeOS tablet, then you're probably wondering if Teams is compatible with ChromeOS. The good news is that Microsoft Teams works fine on your Chromebook, either as an Android app, or a web application. It might not be the desktop application that you get on a Windows laptop, but it's quite similar. You still get all the same features you need.

How to use Teams on a Chromebook

There are two ways to use Teams on a Chromebook. You can access the Android version of Microsoft Teams on a Chromebook, but you'll need to keep in mind that this is essentially a mobile app, so the user interface is not ideal for non-touchscreen devices, and some features like video might not work. It's better to use the web app, which is close to the traditional Teams desktop app on other operating systems in terms of layout and features. We have a look at how you can use both.

How to use the Teams web app

The best Microsoft Teams experience on a Chromebook is with the web app. You can create a web app through the Chrome web browser, and enjoy Teams just like you would on a desktop application. It takes a few simple steps.

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Sign in with your work or school account.
  4. Once signed in, click the three-dot menu at the top of the web browser.
  5. Choose More Tools.
  6. Choose Create Shortcut.
    Creating a shortcut to Teams
  7. Name it Microsoft Teams and check the Open as Window checkbox.
    Creating a shortcut for Teams as a new window
  8. Click Create.

That's it! Once you create that Microsoft Teams Shortcut, Microsoft Teams will open in its own window each time, free of your usual Chrome tabs and favorites. It'll be like using a native desktop application. You'll even have the shortcut in your Chromebook launcher.

How to use the Teams Android app

You don't need many extra steps to use the Teams Android app. Just download it from the Google Play Store with the steps below and then sign in.

  1. Click on the circular launcher icon on the left side of your screen.
  2. Search for Play Store and then click the top result.
  3. In the search box, type in Microsoft Teams.
  4. Click the green Install button.
    Teams Android app
  5. When complete, open the app from the launcher.
  6. Sign in, and get started.

Again, the Microsoft Teams Android app isn't a completely optimized application for Chromebooks. It's designed for Android phones and tablets. For the best experience, I suggest you tap on the title bar of the app, choose Phone, then set it to Resizeable and choose Allow this lets you size the app to your screen.

That's all there is to using Teams on your Chromebook. You can now jump into your work or school meeting and chat without issue. While Teams is one app that you can use on your Chromebook., there are many others too. Check our picks for the best Android apps on ChromeOS and the best Linux app on ChromeOS too.